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JPGRAR Create/Extract

JPGRAR software allows you to create or extract archive files from JPGRAR, a seemingly normal JPG file with RAR secretly attached (steganography). Yes trust me, this is possible 😉

JPGRAR is popular for sharing files on image board websites, where you are only allowed to share photos and external download links may expire. Your JPGRAR mustn’t be compressed by the website for you to share it. It wouldn’t work on, say, Facebook which compresses your photo to a lower quality file.

While this program recommends using JPG as base and RAR as container, this program allows you to create any image-archive you like. (They may not work.) This program only allows you to extract RAR containers.

Technical details on JPGRAR: http://googlebordello.crushhumanity.org/jpgrar.html

If you really like JPGRAR program, please consider donating here http://www.misc314.com/blog/donation/

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  • Unlimited Calling, Faxing, Video Conferencing
  • 24/7 U.S Based Customer Support
  • Super Reliable, Simple to Use
Website http://www.misc314.com/
  • Easily create your own JPGRAR or any image-archive files. (You need to create your own archive file first)
  • Extract RAR archives contained in a image-RAR file.
  • Portable application