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This application allow user to predict dissolution profile of solid dispersion systems based on algorithms like symbolic regression, deep neural networks, random forests or generalized boosted models. Those techniques can be combined to create expert system. Application was created as a part of project K/DSC/004290 subsidy for young researchers from Polish Ministry of Higher Education. […]

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COMER is a protein sequence alignment tool designed for protein remote homology detection. It accepts a multiple sequence alignment as input and converts it into the profile to search a profile database for statistically significant similarities. COMER is licensed under the GNU GP License, version 3. Please find its archive file, download and extract it […]

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Awake–Windows soll nicht “willkürlich” in den Energiesparmodus wechseln und bessere Steuerung, wann in den Energiesparmodus gewechselt wird imageMein Windows verhält sich seltsam. Obwohl der Energiesparmodus auf 30 Minuten gestellt war, ist Windows mal früher (teils nach wenigen Minuten), mal später in der Energiesparmodus gewechselt, aber meistens auf alle Fälle dann, wenn ich den PC eigentlich […]

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