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Australis Mate 1.6

Australis Mate 1.6 L.T.S​​​
Is developed here in AustraLia by meyself (jay Conway) and co developer Jesse Avalos.Australis Lts mate edition is built from the L.T.S core of Ubuntu 12.04. We hope to provide an out of the box experience for the new linux users and current with added stability of the Long term support mode.Also keeping a modern slick clean look.

Note **** login name is ( linux ) NO password needed (just press enter)

If installed you could set your own User name and password.

For Virtual Box users use this install. Auto Log in


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Website http://rackingman.wix.com/australis
  • Fast & Stable
  • Many apps already added
  • Mtp support for Android phones
  • Built off 12.04.2 Lts
  • Many wallpapers Added
  • Pre tweaked with icons and themes
  • Added many Conkys