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AutoClicker Professional

AutoClicker Professional is a fast, free, open source and most useful automatic mouse clicker with two modes of clicking: 1) following your mouse cursor position and 2) clicking at user-defined fixed position. All the clicking settings are saved automatically between run-times. GUI is very simple but powerful: it solves all your clicking needs.

AutoClicker Professional is a clean test-driven, code-reviewed, rapidly-developing fork of the famous in the past but currently abandoned project AutoClicker by mousetool. Thus, many bugs have been fixed, and the clicking speed has been increased dramatically.

Usage: just click on the AutoClicker Professional item from the standard Windows programs menu or click on the icon at your Windows desktop. The program starts and it is immediately ready for clicking. Just press the trigger key defaults to F1. Note, GUI is easy to understand and you can set all the clicking parameters that are saved automatically between subsequent run-times.

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Website https://sourceforge.net/projects/autoclicker-professional/
  • A dual-mode auto clicker: 1) following mouse cursor 2) clicking at user-defined position.
  • Preserves all the clicking settings and saves them automatically between application's run-times.
  • Supports clicking even when the application's window is minimized (in the background mode).
  • Allows arbitrary key to trigger mouse clicks (selected by user).
  • Supports Left, Middle, Right mouse button to click.
  • Can generate Single, Double, Triple click events.
  • Supports arbitrary finite number of clicks as well as infinite clicking.
  • Simple, elegant and intuitively-understood graphical user interface.
  • Low CPU usage, even at high, dramatically increased clicking rate.
  • Free and open source project, thus no Ads and no viruses forever.
  • Most useful, standard de-facto mouse clicking application for Windows.
  • SHA256(Setup_AutoClickerProfessional_3_1_3_2.exe)= dd7e08e67aa1ae0434995216ab4d7de243cff5c7747652d2acb09c609b607fa3.