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buku is a powerful bookmark manager written in Python3 and SQLite3.

buku fetches the title of a bookmarked web page and stores it along with any additional comments and tags. You can use your favourite editor to compose and update bookmarks. With multiple search options, including regex and a deep scan mode (particularly for URLs), it can find any bookmark instantly. Multiple search results can be opened in the browser at once.

Though a terminal utility, it’s possible to add bookmarks to buku without touching the terminal! Refer to the section on GUI integration. If you prefer the terminal, thanks to the shell completion scripts, you don’t need to memorize any of the options. There’s an Easter egg to revisit random forgotten bookmarks too.

Buku is too busy to track you – no history, obsolete records, usage analytics or homing.

Demo: https://asciinema.org/a/8pm3q3n5s95tvat8naam68ejv

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Website https://github.com/jarun/Buku
  • Lightweight, clean interface
  • Text editor integration
  • Fetch page title, add tags and comments
  • Multiple search modes (e.g. deep, regex)
  • Continuous search at prompt, on the fly mode switch
  • Open bookmarks and search results in browser
  • Import/export in HTML (FF, Chrome compatible) or Markdown
  • Shorten and expand URLs
  • Smart tag editing with >>, > or << symbols at prompt
  • Password protection (manual)
  • Portable, merge-able database to sync between systems
  • Multithreaded full DB refresh
  • Shell completion scripts, man page with examples