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Cash Flow

Cash Flow is a simple personal finance app that keeps track of your monthly income and expense by categories. See quickly if your expenses are on-track budget wise. View details by pointing and clicking.

Start with as little as one month of transactions from a bank. Cash Flow supports multiple banks, credit cards, and cash envelopes.

Cash Flow data files are human editable text files. The text file has a simple layout and easy to edit. Take advantage of the Auto-fill feature to type in remembered names quickly.

Visit our Wiki pages for additional descriptions!

License: Apache 2.0

Current version: 0.75

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Website https://cash-flow.sourceforge.io
  • Report view with income and expense categories
  • Multiple view types to support typical home financial uses
  • Supports tracking of cash spending
  • Click on a report cell to see related transactions
  • Export views in browser format for printing.
  • Generates CSV output for Excel integration
  • Text file based data recording with a built-in color highlighting editor
  • Supports user customizable category names
  • Supports user defined budget goals
  • Java 8 JRE requirement
  • Comes with user manual and sample data file
  • Escape the trap of annual commercial financial software upgrade game