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Cenobi is designed for management accountants, not (only) for statisticians and data mining experts.

Carefully arranged default settings make sure you can concentrate on Cenobi’s many accounting features rather than worrying about setting up artificial neural networks or genetic algorithms, which are the main machine learning tools under Cenobi’s hood.

Cenobi’s main benefits are:
– ease of use
– Utilizing artificial neural networks to estimate cost relationships, Cenobi is able to reflect the non-linear cost-behavior, that occurs in most business processes.
– This makes your cost estimations more accurate and reliable.
– Therefore Cenobi facilitates better informed management decisions.

Although Cenobi is particularly suitable for management accounting purposes, it can also be used as a general machine learning tool. The neural networks at the heart of the program are fully object-oriented and therefore highly adaptable. You are very welcome to use them under the GPLv3.

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Website http://www.cenobi.org
  • Assessing the impact of cost drivers on activity cost
  • Plotting non-linear cost functions
  • Forecasting / Budgeting
  • Calculating incremental cost
  • Unit costing / job costing / etc.
  • Calculating cost driver rates
  • Analysing cost variances
  • Integrated data preprocessing: correlation matrices, outlier detection, missing value imputation
  • Import and export data from/to MS Excel
  • User interface in English and German