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A simple photo editing and printing program. Common photo editing features and image file formats are supported. Layers and pixel editing are not supported. Version 0.90 and later includes manageImages, a photo archive manager.

Versions are now available for both Linux and Windows.

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Website https://cimphoto.sourceforge.io
  • The archive manager, mangeImages, provides tools for maintaining the structure and contents of the archive.
  • Adding, copying and moving images are accomplished without introducing duplicates or file name collisions.
  • Copying and Moving are accomplished with an intuitive left-to-right user interface.
  • Batch processing, searching on metadata and slideshows are provided.
  • The photo editor, cim, supports standard image formats and editing features with a very simple user interface.
  • Advanced editing features, such as cropping templates for various printer paper sizes, light fill gradients, lens (barrel and pincushion) distortion removal and keystone distortion removal are also provided with a very easy-to-use interface.