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Conscious Artificial Intelligence

We believe that it’s possible for machines to become self-aware, but may not exhibit human-like thought processes. This project is a quest for conscious artificial intelligence. We will develop prototypes while we go for our main goal. Our steps will be
1) Develop a Learning/Predictive Module.
2) Develop a Planning Module based on the learning/predictive module.
3) Develop a Plan Optimization Module so plans built in the previous module can be optimized.
4) Develop a Decision Making Engine based on previous planning.
5) Develop prototypes of the artificial creature.
6) Publish some academic papers.

And there is the video:

Above video shows a popperian agent collecting mining ore from 3 mining sites and bringing to the base. At the time the agent is born, it doesn’t know how to walk nor it knows that it feels pleasure by mining. He has tact only (blind agent). The video shows learning, planning, executing and optimizing plans.

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Website https://cai.sourceforge.io