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Ethernet POWERLINK XDD Tool Suite

The plugins include functionality to edit and check CN / MN XDD / XDC files against the DS311 V1.2.0 and the DS 301 1.3.0 specification. Another plugin enables the user to generate the object dictionary header file from an XDD / XDC file for the openPOWERLINK (https://goo.gl/Cg77Oi) implementation.

Please note that the validation functionality works properly for Controlled and Managing Node XDD / XDC files.

Please use the update site to install the plugin in your eclipse environment:

User Manual:

XDD editor plugin user manual:

Install via Eclipse marketplace:

Link to the openCONFIGURATOR parent project:

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Website https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/ethernet-powerlink-xdd-tool-suite
  • Validate POWERLINK Controlled Node XDD / XDC files
  • Validate POWERLINK Managing Node XDD / XDC files
  • Generated openPOWERLINK OD from Controlled Node XDD / XDC files
  • Create and edit POWERLINK XDD files