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Evolutility – CRUD framework for ASP.net

Evolutility is a lightweight CRUD framework for heavy lifting.

With a generic Web UI and an integrated micro ORM, Evolutility provides a framework for full CRUD (and more) without any hand-coding.

With it, you can build CRUD web applications or professional looking administration pages by defining metadata in XML (or in a database) instead of hand-coding HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, and C# or VB.

For ASP.NET and SQLServer or MySQL.

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Website http://www.evolutility.org
  • Full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and more
  • Metadata driven (with metadata in XML files or in the database)
  • Charts for Dashboards
  • Master-details
  • Integrated Rich Text Editor
  • Automatic web forms generation
  • Integrated Micro ORM
  • User comments and collaboration
  • Mass Update
  • Export to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, JSON, and SQL
  • Many sample applications: addressbook, to do list, bug database, wine cellar...