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Excel to Graphviz

Free, easy to use, excel tool to create data and process flow diagrams with table data

In separate excel sheets you define items(nodes), lines(edges) and grouping(clusters)
Separate definition of node, edge and cluster styles
Graph settings sheet
Output control sheet

Examples and readme are included in the zip file

Get it working:
-Install graphviz (http://graphviz.org/Download.php)
-Download Excel to Graphviz
-Open one of the ExcelToGraphviz workbooks
-Go to sheet settings and update “dotpath” to where graphviz’ dot.exe was installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin\dot.exe)
-Generate the flow diagram with cntrl-M
-Import from older version with cntrl-I

This tool was initially made to show the usefulness of a service registry or service catalog in an enterprise integration environment. Therefore most examples are (anonymized) output of its use with ESB’s at various telecom, banking and logistics companies

Review/Feedback appreciated

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Website https://excel-to-graphviz.sourceforge.io
  • All graphviz diagrams (dot, neato, etc.)
  • data flow diagrams
  • process flow diagrams
  • entity relationship diagram (ERD)
  • separate sheets for nodes, edges and clusters
  • sheets for styles
  • sheet for graphviz settings
  • sheet for general output settings
  • legenda with item, project, datetime, author
  • legenda with node,edge,cluster style information
  • enterprise service bus (ESB) examples
  • api management examples
  • BPMN example
  • default graphviz examples
  • import function for older versions