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Extended C Library

Why Is libxc needed?
There doesn’t exist a library for ANSI C99 for common data containers, such as vectors, trees, etc. There also also doesn’t exist a library for common functionality, such as error reporting/logging, string functions, configuration management (reading config files), etc…

The programmer working in C doesn’t have anything analogous to the Boost C++ library. The extended C library is intended to make some headway into providing this functionality. To ensure unrestricted usage the libxc project is provided under the very permissive BSD license. If you need a different license then please send me a request (lelanthran at gmail) and I’ll do my best to satisfy your request.

What’s completed?
As of writing, the following libraries have been written and tested:
1. Memory accounting/tracking
2. String operations
3. Vectors
4. Trees
5. Dictionary arrays
6. Configuration management

See the wiki page for more information

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Website http://www.lelanthran.com/projects/libxc
  • Portable C, so usable from almost every language
  • Multiplatform
  • Well-documented API, heavy on examples
  • Permissive license