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FunctionalCalculator is a Mathematical program, which calculates with functions and which is designed to be functional in the sense of convenience and usability. The goal is a neat tool covering mathematics at advanced high school and university level.

FunctionalCalculator has 75 User-Functions and logical / comparison operators. The User-Functions can have arguments given by matrices, infinitely differentiable functions, complex numbers or arbitrary precision integers.
Among the User-Functions you find:

* The integral of f(x) from a to b
* The derivative of f(x)
* The Ternary Conditional
* The gcd of two integers
* Solve a System of Linear Equations

FunctionalCalculator has a Grammar, which allows you to define you own recursive (meta) functions. Moreover it has a functional and procedural scripting language based on this grammar.

FunctionalCalculator has a plotter for complex functions and for real functions.

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Website https://functionalcalculator.sourceforge.io