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GestioIP IPAM – IP address management

An automated, Web based IP address management (IPAM) software. It features powerful search and filter functions for both networks and host, as well as many tools (e.g. a subnet calculator) helping Administrators to plan and handle complex IP networks

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Website http://www.gestioip.net
  • Easy script based installation
  • Web form to migrate from spreadsheet based IP management
  • Integrated VLAN management
  • Integrated lease and dial-up line management
  • Network and VLAN discovery
  • Support for multiple clients with overlapping networks
  • Automatic update of the networks against DNS/OCS InventoryNG/via SNMP
  • Customizable columns for network and host list views
  • DNS zone file generator for forward and reverse zones (BIND and tinydns)
  • Supports full IP life cycle
  • Tools to split/join/scaling up/scaling down networks
  • Shows free network ranges
  • Integrated subnet calculator
  • Auditable
  • Well documentated
  • Full IPv4/IPv6 support
  • Commercial support available