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GTK+ IOStream

Create GTK+ interfaces using IOStream style code.
Its simple and quick!

Also providing simple data plotting (similar to Matlab/Octave), ORB (Object Request Broker), and Neural Network computations.

You can create GTK+ GUIs in a few lines of code.

Labels<<"Thanks for reading";
(HBox< (HBox() << (Labels()<<"Thanks for reading")).show(); Inline code destructs the classes, but leaves the widgets/callbacks operating. This is great for embedded memory saving code. You can also plot like so :
Plot figure; figure.plot(x, y, x.size());

Plotting utilises GtkDataBox.sf.net
ORB utilises www.zeroc.com

Feed forward neural networks with different activation functions.

Audio playback/recording and digital signal processing (DSP) – utilising Jack www.jackaudio.org

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Website http://www.flatmax.org/gtkiostream/html/
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