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iElectrodes is an open source toolbox to obtain intracranial electrode coordinates in the native or normalized MNI152 space in a semiautomatic way with minimal user intervention.
It uses MRI and CT coregistered images. It is possible to add brain parcellations and brain surfaces.
The toolbox is capable to work with ECoG (subdural grids and strips) and SEEG (depth) electrodes.

In the presurgical evaluation of patients with drug resistant epilepsy is of great importance to know the intracranial electrodes coordinates and the anatomical description of these locations.
Additionally, you can plan depth electrode implantation and then compare it with the real locations.

Visit iElectrodes Wiki tab to learn more about the toolbox.

Please report any bugs to ielectrodes-updates@lists.sourceforge.net
We are trying to make iElectrodes a great toolbox everyday! Thanks for your help!

Additional scripts are provided to make image corregistations using SPM software.

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Website https://ielectrodes.sourceforge.io
  • SEEG and ECoG electrode localization
  • Depth electrode implantation planning
  • MRI and CT images visulization
  • Easy electrode labeling
  • One by one electrode navigation
  • Automatic report of electrode locations and anatomical labels
  • Projection of grid electrodes to Smoothed Cortical Envelope