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IZ-WAMP CMS All-in-One

IZ-WAMP CMS All-in-One is a WAMP packages combining the latest stable versions of Windows x64, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
In addition, IZ-WAMP CMS All-in-One embeds the latest versions of IZ-WAMP Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, Spip and WordPress

In this way, you can manage your site on your local machine and offline without a network connection. A good way to work on improvements and a redesign of the site securely before switching it online.

Once IZ-WAMP CMS All-in-One installed on your PC, note the appearance of a drop-down menu accessible from the system tray. Among the different items available, you find the components of the WAMP package that you administer easily.

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Website https://iz-wamp-cms-all-in-one.sourceforge.io
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WAMP Server
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • PrestaShop
  • Spip
  • Pagekit
  • Dotclear
  • Xoops
  • Concrete5
  • IZ-WAMP Manager
  • Multilanguage
  • Server
  • Adminer