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Amateur Radio software for transmission/reception of
JT65 protocol on HF bands 2m – 160m

Important: Close and restart the program every 12 hours.

Note: The JT65 encoding and decoding routines, also used in WSJT, are developed by K1JT, Joe Taylor.

– jt65v2 protocol
– Multi decoder
– JT65-Log, HRD, DXKeeper, Log4om, MixW2, Logger32, Swisslog, TRX-Manager, WSJT-X, ADIF

– Acoustic alert
– Adjust program time
– CAT control
– Additional windows.
– Labels in waterfall display

JT65-HF Is (C) 2008…2011 J. C. Large – W6CQZ
Comfort-3 (C) 2012
WSJT is Copyright (C) 2001-2014 by Joe Taylor, K1JT
HB9HQX-Edition is (C) 2013-2017 B. Oehrli, HB9HQX

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Website https://jt65hfhb9hqxedi.sourceforge.io/