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JVx – Enterprise Application Framework

Develop professional database applications, highly performant with little source code. JVx is a full-stack application framework to create multi tier applications with Single Sourcing for different technologies (Swing, Vaadin, JavaFX, Pivot, …).

Nightly builds are available: https://dev.sibvisions.com/jvx.nightly/

Maven snapshots are available: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots

Eclipse plugin is available: http://marketplace.eclipse.org/search/site/eplug

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Website http://www.sibvisions.com/jvx
  • Single Sourcing RIA development
  • Full-Stack Application Framework
  • UI technology independent
  • Mobile Android apps
  • Swing, QT Jambi, GWT UI implementations
  • Database independent Persistence API
  • Client/Server communication (Java, .NET)
  • Session Management