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Hadoop is designed to work in large datacenters with thousands of servers connected to each others in the Hadoop cloud. This project focuses on the Distributed File System part of Hadoop (HDFS).

The goal of this project is to provide an alternative to direct IP connectivity required for Hadoop. Instead, the DFS layer has been modified to use a Peer-2-Peer framework which allows direct connectivity in datacenters as well as indirect connectivity to bypass firewall constraints.

The typical use case is the use of servers in various DMZs with hundreds of gigabytes of data not used which can be leveraged to provide a massive storage cloud for Hadoop.

The first release of Jxtadoop focused on providing the data storage layer with P2P capabilities based on the JXTA framework.

contact : franck@besnard.mobi
source : https://github.com/besn0847/Jxtadoop

Make sure you use Java 1.7 JRE.

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