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Matt’s MathTools is a Java application designed as an aid in preparing printed math tests. It is easily embedded in other Java applications or it can be used alone as a single-user desktop app. It includes a scripting environment, numerous demonstration classes and several general utilities. A scripting tutorial is also available.

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Website http://mattsmathtools.sourceforge.net
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice notation formatting.
  • MathML Presentation markup
  • Easy manipulation and formatting of fractions without decimal approximations
  • Basic matrix operations and formatting
  • Polynomial class allows simple manipulation and flexible formatting of polynomials, poly. functions and factorable equations.
  • MComplex class handles manipulation and formatting of complex numbers.
  • LaTeX markup generation for fractions, polynomials, radicals, MEquation and matrices/systems.
  • Set/subset questions can now be generated via MathSet class.
  • Basic LaTeX document generation via the 'markup.latex.*' package classes.
  • Basic templating engines included
  • JDBC access and manipulation by scripts
  • Lots of demos included
  • Scripting, demo panel and graph paper tutorials available with lots of sample scripts.
  • JDBC utility panel allows quick creation of databases plus row-formatting of ResultSets
  • Any javax.script.* (JSR 223) scripting language can be used.
  • SVG generator included for common types of graph paper
  • Scriptable (X)HTML generation.