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Microtones Library

This open-source plugin suite aims at extending Sibelius 7+ to allow it to handle microtonal music (up to the eighth-tone) and play it back with various synthesizers (currently Kontakt 5 and Max/MSP).

This library offers among others the following features:
− insertion of microtones in the music
− transposition using microtonal intervals
− precise polyphonic playback of microtonal music with Kontakt and Max/MSP, without the requirement for pitch bends (the standard playback system of Sibelius is limited to monodies, and its use of pitch bends entails undesired pitch glitches in the rendering)
− handling of microtonal scales, build scales, check if the music material belongs to a given scale, warping from one scale to another one, transpose notes to the closest member of a microtonal scale, etc.
−  handling of microtonal artificial harmonics and microtonal glissandi

The development of this library has been commissioned by the CIRM studios, Nice, France

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