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Refurbished Scintilla.orgs/SciTE with some additional patches.

— Features —
– Review difference and patch files
– Create makefiles (gnu make / cmake)
– Do system scripting (bash, applescript, cmd, powershell, perl, j/vbscript, awk)
– Examine data files (sql, regedit, mib, xml, yaml, json, vcard …)
– Edit config files (apache, dockerfile,ini ..)
– Edit html and css files (with calltips)
– Describe circuits in vhdl and spice.

– And finally; read & write source code:
– [ Syntax highlighted ] – go, vala, pike, swift, flash, ch, rust
– [ Calltip assisted ] – c/cpp11, javascript/jQuery, python, php, ruby, lua, c#, java, perl

– Restructured config files with inline docs
– all Data stored in flatfiles for easy editing.
– Contains a Patchset for vanilla scite. .
– Scriptable via lua Extension.
– Provides theming, a customizeable toolbar, a sidebar and a cleaned up options Menu.

— Summary —
Enjoy your vlc for sourceCode lecture 😉 (30Langs+

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Website https://scite-webdev.sourceforge.io/
  • Scintilla/SciTE refurbished: transparent / themeable / current api support
  • Easy adaptable: completely rewritten config Files with inline Docs.
  • Includes a Toolbar / Sidebar / and nice Steampunk :)
  • current and rewritten Calltips for c11/cpp11,javaScript/jQuery,vbs
  • Enjoy your "vlc" for source code lecture and simply a nice programmers code editor.
  • Contains Scintillua and Hunspell