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OneDrive Bully

Have a lot of folders you want to sync to OneDrive but not enough space in your main hard drive?

I did, I had all my photos on the D:\ drive but OneDrive was requiring to copy them to the OneDrive folder in C:\ . But my C:\ is not big enough.

OneDrive Bully was developed to solve exactly that.

It uses Windows Symbolic Links to link your folders sitting outside your OneDrive folder in any hard drive or network path. OneDrive doesn’t support it currently.

OneDrive Bully solves the issue by triggering OneDrive to sync, including these folders on a timer you set. The best thing is it is doing it without affecting the standard OneDrive application or requiring you to login to another OneDrive client.

You can also double click the icon and force sync whenever you want.

Saved the best for last, OneDrive is Free!

Bully your OneDrive!

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Website https://onedrive-bully.sourceforge.io
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