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Oryon OSINT Browser

Oryon OSINT Browser is a web browser designed to assist researchers in conducting Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations. Oryon comes with dozens of pre-installed tools and a selected set of links cataloged by category.

To safely use all Oryon Browser options, it is recommended that you take the following steps:

1. Check your browser privacy settings. Reset all settings if necessary or make the necessary changes.
2. Disable browsing history (extension: History On / Off)
3. Enable free proxy (extension: Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy)
4. Create a dedicated gmail account
5. Create dedicated accounts on Facebook and Twitter
6. Take a look at the collection of links
7. Check out the Oryon Tools bookmarklet
8. Check installed add-ons (extensions: Context, Extension Manager)
9. Save a copy of the QueryTool spreadsheet on your GoogleDrive and check its performance with your cases
10. Log in to the MIIS YouTube channel and watch practical video tutorials.

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Website https://oryon-osint-browser.sourceforge.io
  • Based on SRWare Iron Portable
  • More than 60 pre-installed tools to support investigators in their everyday work
  • More than 400 links to specialized sources of information and online investigative tools
  • Custom Search Engines
  • QueryTool (Google Spreadsheet)
  • Oryon Bookmarklet
  • Additional privacy protection features