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PHP – XML_XSLT2Processor

XML_XSLT2Processor is a PHP class that allows you to perform XSLT 2.0 transformations within PHP by using SAXON or AltovaXML. All with the ease of the PHP XSL extension. Documentation is available from the project’s Wiki.

This project is now dead. See the following news item for details on why and what to use instead:

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14 Reviews

  • Over 50 business-class features
  • Easy setup. Professional installation.
  • CRM integration
Website http://xslt2processor.sourceforge.net
  • XSLT 2.0 in PHP5
  • Easy to use API
  • Easy to install
  • SAXON and AltovaXML support
  • Gap filling of XSLT processor incompatabilities (in some instances)