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Premium Markets

This software requires http://www.java.com/ before being installed.
Full installation instructions can be found at http://www.premiummarkets.uk/html/swtui.html#Download .
Premium Markets is an automated financial technical analysis system.
With Premium Markets you can edit and create your own indicators as a composition of more than a hundred common technical analysis functions.
It implements a graphical environment for monitoring financial technical analysis of the main stocks and shares markets and currencies. It includes the main technical analysis indicators, portfolio management and quotations and indicators charting.
I would also like to bring to your attention that, in its advanced version, Premium Markets also provides a Neural Forecast engine.
See http://www.premiummarkets.uk/ for documentation and a workable demo of the trend forecast and prediction engine.

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Website http://www.premiummarkets.uk/html/swtui.html
  • Edit and create your own indicators as a composition of more than a hundred common technical analysis functions.
  • Screening of financial web sites to pick up the best market stocks and shares (Advanced version only)
  • Forecast of share prices trend on the basis of stock market technical analysis and indices rotation (Advanced version only)
  • Email notifications buy sell signals while scanning stock markets and user portfolios (Advanced version only)
  • Back testing (Advanced version only)
  • Supports multi markets, currencies and indices
  • Historical quotation data and indicators charting
  • Portfolio management and buy sell alerts
  • Seehttp:// www.premiummarkets.uk/ for a workable demo of the Advanced version features