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Programming Without Coding Technology

PWCT is not a Wizard for creating your application in 1 2 3 steps. PWCT is a general-purpose visual programming language designed for novice and expert programmers.

A novice programmer can use PWCT to learn programming concepts like Data Structures, Control Structures and Programming Paradigms. An expert programmer can use PWCT to create any large and complex software.

Using PWCT we developed a textual programming language Compiler and Virtual Machine without writing a single line of code where the programming process done using the PWCT visual components. This language called Supernova and it’s free-open source.

Many database, Multi-Media, Network, AI, Simulation & Math applications are developed using PWCT

You can see/edit the generated source code. PWCT support Harbour, Supernova, C, Python, & C#.NET and you can extend PWCT to support code generation in any text based programming language.

PWCT comes with many samples, tutorials and movies.

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Website http://doublesvsoop.sourceforge.net
  • Free-Open Source - GNU General Public License v2.0.
  • You can use PWCT to create commercial closed source applications
  • Visual Programming - More than one dimension.
  • Visual Programming - Programming using a GUI.
  • Visual Programming - No Syntax Errors.
  • Visual Programming - Time Dimension.
  • Visual Programming - Colors.
  • Practical Editor - Autocomplete (IntelliSense)
  • Practical Editor - Keyboard shortcuts (high writability).
  • Practical Editor - Customization (Max. Readability & Writability).
  • Practical Editor - Cut/Copy/Paste & Search/Replace.
  • Practical Editor - Syntax Directed Editor.
  • Practical Editor - Free Editor & VPL Compiler.
  • Programming Paradigm - Don't force a programming paradigm.
  • Programming Paradigm - Imperative Programming.
  • Programming Paradigm - Procedural Programming.
  • Programming Paradigm - Object Oriented Programming.
  • Programming Paradigm - Event Driven Programming.
  • Programming Paradigm - Super Server programming (New)
  • Compatable (Optional) - See/Edit the generated source code.
  • Compatable (Optional) - You can support any textual programming language.
  • Compatable (Optional) - Support C, Python, C# , Harbour & Supernova.
  • Programming Scope - General Purpose.
  • Programming Scope - Create Large scale Applications/Systems.
  • Programming Scope - High Level Programming.
  • Programming Scope - Low Level Programming.
  • Framework & Extension - Create/use Visual Programming Languages.
  • Framework & Extension - Comes with more than one VPL.
  • Framework & Extension - Create new components.
  • Framework & Extension - Programs update after components modification.
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows product.
  • Operating System - Works fine on Linux using Wine
  • Operating System - Create Windows Applications.
  • Operating System - Create Multiplatform Applications
  • Dynamic Generation instead of Drag & Drop.
  • General and Practical.
  • Samples/Tutorial/Movies Manager.
  • Play programs as movie.
  • Run programs in the past.
  • Used to develop the Supernova programming language ( http://supernova.sourceforge.net)
  • Used to develop the Critical Nodes Application (http://sf.net/p/criticalnodes/).
  • Used to develop the People Counter Application (http://sf.net/p/peoplecounter)
  • Used to develop the The Smart POS System (http://sf.net/p/pos-sys/)
  • Used to develop the Ring programming language ( http://ring-lang.net )