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Play at many electronic darts game (such as Cricket, Crazy Cricket, 321 Zap, etc) with a cheap DIY dart game controled by an Arduino UNO controler, and the pyDarts python game !
Make you own game and share it with the community !

Note that this is NOT a software to manually score while you are playing beside ! This software score by itself but require a converted dart board !

pyDarts is the reference since no other electronic dart game offer so much functionalities !

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Website http://sourceforge.net/p/pydarts
  • Electronic Darts board software for Linux/Windows/MacOS
  • Electronic Darts board DIY scheme (based on a reused dart board and an Arduino)
  • 25+ game variants
  • Play over network worldwide
  • Display Game stats and Keep Hi Scores
  • Up to 12 players
  • Customizable
  • Template to create your own game
  • Free and open source
  • Translated in many languages (but need more)
  • Please contribute :)