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pyModSlave is a free python-based implementation of a ModBus slave application for simulation purposes. You can install the python module or use the precompiled (for Windows only) stand alone GUI (Qt based) utility (unzip and run). pyModSlave also includes a bus monitor for examining all traffic on the bus.

pyModSlave is based on modbus-tk <http://code.google.com/p/modbus-tk/>, pySerial <https://github.com/pyserial/pyserial> and pyQt4 <http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk>.

Check out my modbus master project <http://sourceforge.net/projects/qmodmaster/>.

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Website https://pymodslave.sourceforge.io/
  • ModBus RTU/TCP Slave
  • Simulate Coils, Discrete Inputs, Input Registers, Holding Registers
  • Monitor Bus activity [Raw Data and PDU details]
  • Supports both Windows and Linux