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REST Dataware Componentes

New version stable.
The proposal was fulfilled.
REST DW was created to facilitate the creation of CRUDs in the same model that we created applications for Client / Server Database.
Today to be able to write data in a Bank via WebService is very complex for simple operations, making scheduling of simple screens time-consuming.
With REST DW, you no longer have to worry about creating SQL Insertion, Deletion, Read and Execution methods via Webservice; Simply add a RESTDataBase connection component and add a RESTClientSQL component that will already have your SQL solution fully functional as it did back in the day and with all the power of modern REST / JSON technology with data compression and everything the language can offer,
Use it, have fun, and need support.
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Blog : http://delphitotalweb.blogspot.com.br/
Site : http://www.resteasyobjects.com.br

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Website http://www.resteasyobjects.com.br
  • WebDataSets com REST.
  • RestDatabase para conectar pooler de conexões.
  • ClientSQL para acesso a Dados.
  • DatabasePooler para envio de Dados pela Internet.
  • Master/Detail Link Dataset
  • Char Encode