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The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows

This free open source application emulates Windows mouse clicks when end-user is pressing a trigger key on a keyboard EXTREMELY QUICKLY, with hardware speed limit.

I have rewritten this program inspired by a currently obsolete projects “Fast Mouse Clicker” by xytor and “AutoClicker” by mousetool. My application utilizes the cutting-edge feature of the SendInput() system call that aggregates some 100-1000 mouse clicks in one array and fires this array to a computer hardware at once.

This program solves the following end-user problems:
– How can I click faster?
– How can I use mouse from my keyboard in Windows?
– How do I make my mouse click automatically?
– What is butterfly clicking?

*NEW* Command line support: TheFastestMouseClicker.exe -c -t -s -m {p|t} -b {l|m|r}. See Features below.

*NEW* Auto-save all the clicking parameters!

Formerly “The Windows Intel Fastest Mouse Clicker” and “Fast Mouse Clicker Professional Windows”.

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Website https://fast-mouse-clicker-pro.sourceforge.io/
  • The world's best click rate up to 100 000 clicks per second, increased by 10 times comparing with the predecessor application "Fast Mouse Clicker". The latest version with fixed performance issue is 100 times faster!
  • The Left, Middle, and Right mouse buttons are supported, they can be triggered for clicking by a key on the keyboard in a press or toggle mode.
  • Arbitrary keyboard key can be selected to trigger the clicking process. Furthermore, an another mouse button can play a role of a trigger key.
  • The program works fine even if it is minimized and also it operates on an arbitrary desktop area. The program can stop to ckick automatically, if a certain number of clicks is given by end-user.
  • This is free, open source application without Ads forever.
  • The uninstaller bug has been fixed. The application uninstalls clearly.
  • Executes modern SendInput() system call instead of obsolete mouse_event() used in the predecessor "Fast Mouse Clicker".
  • Utilizes batch-array feature of SendInput() and manipulates with Sleep() to reach the ultimate possible performance of mouse clicks on Windows.
  • The application can be used on a bare system, it does not depend on .NET Framework or any other external library as "Speed AutoClicker", "Fast Clicker", etc. do.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Built with heavily optimized Intel C/C++ compiler 15.0. Of course, both Intel and AMD processors are supported.
  • Not only a keyboard key can trigger a mouse click, but another mouse button can do that too.
  • The setup installer of version 1.8.x.y has been dramatically reduced in size from 4.7Mb to 1.6Mb. Download it 3x times faster!
  • *** NEW *** Command line has been supported: TheFastestMouseClicker.exe -c <clicks/s> -t <trigger key> -s <stop at> -m {p|t} -b {l|m|r}, where '-m {p|t}' is the 'trigger key mode' {'press'|'toggle'} and '-b {l|m|r}' is the 'mouse button to click' {'left'|'middle'|'right'}. One may specify any part of arguments; unspecified or unrecognized values will be treated as defaults (see them by running the app without command line, e.g. from Windows programs menu).
  • *** NEW *** This program is essentially used to create amazing photo-realistic art performed by millions of mouse clicks in applications such as Gimp or Photoshop, etc.
  • *** NEW *** Auto-save all the clicking parameters has been added! This feature does not interfere parameters from the command line.
  • SHA256(Setup_TheFastestMouseClicker_1_9_1_0.exe)= 3a9a35d419c3d9b1cee7c7872db4a549fe4722850ad2a2196e15d07de7aea75e.