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The Moluccas

A pre-configured MinGW focused on ease of use, integration, workflow and completeness. It’s also portable and isolated OSS distro.

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Website http://opensourcepack.blogspot.com/p/moluccas.html
  • The most complete build environment distro!
  • mingw-w64 multilib, mingw32, gcc3.x (sjlj,dwarf2,seh)
  • Dozen other preconfigured compilers and interpreters
  • All popular SCM are ready to use
  • A superset of MSYS 1.x in fully portable mode
  • All Documentation toolchain (miktex included)
  • All kind of build tools
  • Graphics tools (imagemagick, graphviz, many converter)
  • Visual C++ integration
  • Dozens of supplementary GUI apps
  • Dozens ready to use libraries for GCC
  • All programming languages
  • Server and network tools
  • Most binaries are single exe
  • Like a linux distro, many other kind of tasks are supported