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Ultra Corba Simulator

UCS (Ultra Corba Simulator) is one powerful corba client/servant simulator tool. It doesn’t need idl-related helper class or IR service.

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Website http://ucs.sourceforge.net
  • CORBA Client Side Simulation / CORBA Servant Side Simulation
  • Support TestCase & TestSuite Execution for automatic test
  • IDL File Browser / Test Spec Generation
  • Notification Service Management / Naming Service Management
  • Generate java code according to idl file
  • Powerful Plugin function to easily implement the new requirments for the automatic test
  • Useful tool "CMTreeBrowser", which can easily browser the configuration data in Tree view
  • Support Regular Value Type & Regular Box Type
  • More other useful tools: Ping, Parsce, Interception...
  • Support Gui & Console running mode
  • 100% Pure-Java application, therefore platform-independent