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UMI 3D Tag Cloud

Here my substitution to Joomulus.

The UMI 3D Tag Cloud is made with the Flash Object from Roy Tanck (www.roytanck.com) -> Thanks!

Now the UMI 3D Tag Cloud has also brought the TagCanvas functionality from goat1000.com to Joomla 2.5. Thank you to!

It lets you put up to 30 Tags in the 3D Tag Cloud.

This module was made by a member of the UMI Webservice Student Team

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Website www.umiwebservice.com
  • Flash Tag Cloud from Roy Tanck
  • TagCanvas from goat1000.com
  • 15 Font Familys
  • Colorpicker from http://www.spiralscripts.co.uk
  • Up to 30 Tags
  • Image Support from TagCanvas
  • If you leave the link field empty, it searches the tag on your site
  • open links from the TagCanvas Cloud in a lightbox