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UniCC Parser Generator

UniCC (UNIversal Compiler Compiler) is a LALR(1) parser generator. It compiles an augmented grammar definition into a program source code that parses that grammar. Parsing is the process of transferring input matching a particular grammar, like e.g. a source code written in a programming language, into a well-formed data structure. Because UniCC is intended to be target-language independent, it can be configured via template definition files to emit parsers in nearly any programming language.

UniCC supports parser code generation for the following programming languages so far:

– C is fully supported (and reference implementation),
– Python is well supported,
– ECMAScript is prototyped in a stub, but will come soon.

More target languages can easily be added by creating specific target language templates.

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Website http://unicc.phorward-software.com
  • Powerful and inovative grammar definition language
  • Build-in lexical analyzer generator
  • Grammar prototyping features
  • Virtual productions, anonymous nonterminals, semantically determined symbols
  • Two parser construction modes allow the use of different algorithmic approaches relating the whitespace handling
  • Target-language independent parser development
  • Template-based program-module generator and XML-based parser description file generator
  • Platform-independent (console-based)
  • Standard LALR(1) conflict resolution
  • Supporting C and Python target languages so far