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Universal Android Toolkit

Universal Android Toolkit used to be a Windows-only applicaion,
written in Visual Basic.NET

After a year of work, fustration, re-writes and confusion,
I present to you, the very FIRST BETA Android toolkit,
written COMPLETELY in Java!

At the moment, this project is in Beta,
so don’t forget to check for updates, regularly!

I’ll add an updater, ASAP.

Happy hacking!

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Website https://universalat.sourceforge.io/
  • Uses my very own JDroidLib
  • Push Files to Device
  • Pull files from device
  • Install applications in-app
  • Connect to device via TCP
  • Easily reboot device with a single click!
  • List devices
  • Execute custom commands
  • Uses GTK+ Swing LAF
  • (Should be) Windows and Mac compatible!
  • Open source! GPL v3!
  • Complete re-design!
  • Start, Stop and Restart ADB server!
  • And much more to come!