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VBScript Development Kit (VDK)

The VBScript Development Kit (VDK) is a a VBSript compliant development library to be used in any host that has support for Windows Script Host (WSH). Modelled after the Java Development Kit (JDK), the VDK adds programming features/concepts prevalent in other higher order programming languages such as Java, C#, etc.

The VDK provides rapid development capabilities by providing out of the box support for many common programming activities e.g., string manipulation and handling, file manipulation, logging, external code file importing, doc comments, etc

While VBScript is considered a legacy language with no support from Microsoft, the language is still being used in production systems like UFT and QTP. The VDK has been tested and used in mainstream WSH hosts such as wscript.exe, cscript.exe, QTP and UFT.

Visit our website for tutorials, VDK script examples and support.

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Website https://vbscript-development-kit.sourceforge.io
  • Written using OO programming
  • Supports external vbscript library importing like "import" in JAVA or "using" in C#
  • Has its own internal VDK Doc system with code documentation for all classes and methods similar to javadoc system
  • Logging API built in
  • Full VBScript reflection API to spy on any vbscript compliant code constructs like classes and methods
  • Support for event driven programming
  • Enhanced File and IO classes for dealing with the File system
  • API for VBScript and VDK runtime diagnostics
  • In built support for handling reading and writing of common file types e.g., .properties, .ini, .csv, etc
  • Can import existing or external VBScript code as is meaning you can drop existing Function Libraries into the VDK and use those same functions immediately without any configuration
  • Unit test framework built in for those who want to write there own unit tests
  • Built in collections framework
  • Object support for VBScript primitive data types e.g., clsString class for native vbscript strings
  • Advanced date classes for manipulation of dates
  • 1 line of code to initialise library
  • Can be installed and run on any windows machine that has support for Windows Script Host
  • Has cross-platform support for tools that use vbscript e.g., vdk.wait() statement will wait across UFT, wscript, cscript, HTA without throwing tool dependent error