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VP (VideoParody)

Video Conferencing, Snapchat, Skype & YouTube Video parody Creator & Recorder.
Video conferencing that allows you to swap your face with the face of ironman, batman, a tiger, Darth Vader or 2 eye masks.
Change your voice to bart simpson or optimus prime or use your own voice in video conferences and when recording.
Download YouTube videos of 5 minutes or less in duration. You can download music videos or the videos you will be parodizing. Videos you will parodize must consistently show 1 up to 3 of the faces of the video speakers in the same locations.
Parodize any mp4 video that consistently shows the faces of up to three speakers in the same locations. The software picks the most likely viral part of the video for you to parodize – a process that usually takes a couple of minutes. You parodize a video by selecting 1 or more of the video parody features.
Double click a video image to Search & Add movie clips to your recording, by movie script word/sentence matching.

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Website https://snapchat-skype-youtube-parody.sourceforge.io