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vRules4j-Java Object Validation Engine

vRules4j–The best completely Object Oriented Java Object Validation/Decision Rule engine,which is born for taking over all validation responsibility in java business-enterprise industry and looking forward to providing Perfect/Lightweight solution.

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Website https://vrules.sourceforge.io
  • High performance, as fast as local JVM binary class executing speed
  • Configuration rules are of wonderful readability and perfect maintainability
  • Easy to use, and very low coupling with local program
  • Standard java language predicate grammar supported for rules’ configuration
  • vRules4j can also be used into web container as a standalone middleware
  • vRules4j-Digester tools is built-in to help generate the corresponding validation rules file
  • Decision Object can be customized to return when the specified rule validated failure.
  • Full-featured and powerful
  • – Arbitrary complexity analysis of the depth of recursion supported
  • – Rules are of object-oriented designed
  • – Object inheritance complex validation supported
  • – XPath accurate location for where error happened
  • – Multiple attributes associated validation supported
  • – User-defined of business methods can be invoked from outside
  • Hot Deployment supported
  • Decision rule engine inside