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Win-Brash is a recoding, from scratch, of the Bourne shell as a native Microsoft Windows multi-threaded command line application.

It uses Bourne shell syntax but recognizes Windows file names. The TAB key helps convert Unix style pathnames to fully valid windows pathnames. It also adds missing backslashes — to reduce the need to always type two.

For Documentation see: http://www.bordoon.com/brash

To give brash.exe a try, use the download link to get winbrash-1.2.15.zip. Unzip it, then follow the directions in the bin/README.txt file.

Note: The .bashrc file defines several script functions for your use and to serve as examples.

Other script examples can be found in the Discussion/Programming Examples forum. Anonymous users can currently create new topics of discussion — hopefully it can be kept that way.

Reviews of Win-Brash are now enabled. Please provide your thoughts.

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62 Reviews

  • Unlimited Calling, Faxing, Video Conferencing
  • 24/7 U.S Based Customer Support
  • Super Reliable, Simple to Use
Website https://winbrash.sourceforge.io
  • Bourne shell syntax command line and scripts
  • bash-like command line
  • tab key helps smooth file name annoyances
  • easy to add new builtin commands
  • Easy installation: just 2 files
  • Some bash features, some unique
  • No reliance on GNU libraries but some sources
  • Native windows multi-threaded application
  • builtin approximations of ls, sed, grep, wc, basename, dirname, etc
  • builtin linear regression predictor
  • builtin simultaneous linear equation solver