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xsd2pgschema is a Java application suite, which converts XML Schema 1.1 to PostgreSQL DDL and supports XML data migration into PostgreSQL based on the XML Schema without defects on information content. It also supports full text search via either Apache Lucene or Sphinx Search. File convesion from XML to CSV or JSON is available as well as mapping XML Schema to JSON Schema.
Obtained PostgreSQL database can be optimized at user’s discletion. Moreover, XPath/SQL translation, direct XPath addressing and document order preservation are possible by option.
Quite large XML file can be split and processed through xmlsplitter, a flexible XML splitter based on XPath and StAX.

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14 Reviews

  • Over 50 business-class features
  • Easy setup. Professional installation.
  • CRM integration
Website https://xsd2pgschema.sourceforge.io
  • Conforms to W3C XML Schema Definition Lauguage 1.1
  • Mapping XML Schema into PostgreSQL DDL
  • Mapping XML Schema into JSON Schema
  • Migrating XML data into PostgreSQL DB
  • File conversion from XML to CSV or JSON
  • Indexing XML contents via either Apache Lucene or Sphinx Search (xmlpipe2)
  • Pseudo XPath addressing using hash value of absolute XPath
  • Preserving document order as is
  • Parallel processing of multiple XML documents
  • Splitting large XML file for processing
  • XPath 1.0 parser being aware of XML Schema
  • Query translation from XPath 1.0 to SQL
  • No defects on information content including wild card