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A programming language AL-IV (ALFOUR) is a
high-level imperative object oriented programming language with minimal introduction level, easy porting to any platform claiming a very high level of safety and stability, with a controllable level of code protection, high efficiency of an executable code,
full independence from a target platform, minimal enter level.

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Website https://al-iv.sourceforge.io
  • Application can be easy compiled from AL-IV to other supported languages.
  • Adding new supporting language is not too hard. Initially, C# and Delphi are supported.
  • Special memory management rules for objects allows to avoid garbage collecting at all, independently on target platform.
  • Very simple syntax, minimal amount of rules. Very easy to start programming.
  • Testing capabilities are embedded into the language (TEST functions, testing on each compilation, control test cover by a compiler).
  • Most of exceptions are not possible in AL-IV still NONE objects are always replace nulls. So, exceptions handling is not necessary.
  • A compiler is controlling a number of conditions which makes a class unsafe for some purposes. And you must mark unsafe classes with correspondent markers allowing filtering such classes from using it in important projects.
  • ALFOUR is still a power high-level programming language and can be used for a wide set of tasks.