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Automated Computer PC Hardware Inventory

NIS – Network Computer Hardware Inventory Software is fully automated, completely OS-Less. NIS consists of server computer, network switch, ZPL Label Printers, 2d Barcode scanner & PXE enabled workstations attached to LAN. As soon as workstations are powered on, a small OS is delivered to the workstations over LAN using PXE, NIS automatically inspects the workstation’s hardware, prints barcode labels and stores inventory data into a central database.

A web based graphical user interface can be accessed using a console management system, to manage inventory, print reports, export data into various formats, such as CSV , Excel, TXT, Json, PDF, PNG & etc,.

Comprehensive detailed reporting based on various computer hardware components such as processors, ram, hdd and etc are available. PIE, BAR & Line charts can also be accessed using GUI.

NIS supports 6 different sizes, styles of automatic self adhesive barcode labels.

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  • Automatic PXE Network based Computer Hardware Inventory Software
  • Friendly Web GUI User Interface, IOS, Android
  • Comprehensive Data Reporting for each Inventory Computer
  • Automatic Barcode Label Creation and Printing
  • 2D barcode label scanning and printing
  • Automatic Zero touch computer hardware Inventory solution
  • Unlimited number of workstations are supported
  • True OS less free LAN Server based Automated hardware Inventory
  • Pre Inventory Grading of Inventory Computers based on quality
  • PIE, BAR and Line Graphs Charts
  • ZPL Printing support for Thermal self adhesive labels
  • Highly customizable and flexible system, API & third party integration
  • upto 50 Inventory Computers / Laptops are included in free version
  • Paid version available upon request
  • Database driven architecture
  • zero touch configuration, no human intervention required
  • Fully network based PXE computer inventory infrastructure
  • Audit Inventory Items - with detailed hardware information
  • Easy to manage and use Network Computer Inventory Software
  • Designed specially for Large businesses such as warehouses, corporates and enterprises
  • Data Exportable to several formats, XLS, PNG, CSV, PDF, Doc, XML & etc
  • Automatic Barcode Label printing and on-demand Label Printing support using GUI
  • Super efficient and quick support provided by the author
  • Continuous Development Cycle
  • Software customization requests are entertained, no matter how how complex
  • Access the PXE Inventory GUI on Handheld devices Android, Windows & iPhones