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Avaya CMS Real Time Interfaces

The clintSVR is a server program for Avaya CMS real time data. It uses a tool called clint to retrieve real time data from Avaya CMS and provides API(s) for real time data application development and integration. The clintSVR retrieves CMS real time reports at an interval that specified by you, it stores the real time data in memory and allows multiple programs or applications access them via REST, OCX and C/C++ interfaces. Moreover, it supports connection with XMPP server so you can display reports via XMPP client. The clintSVR can write real time data to Splunk and database which enables you to create dashboard reports.

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Website http://upinget.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/clintsvr/
  • Supports Agent Group
  • Supports Agent Report
  • Supports QueueAgentStatus
  • Supports QueueAgentSummary
  • Supports QueueTopAgentStatus
  • Supports Split Skill Aux Report
  • Supports Split Skill Call Profile
  • Supports Split Skill Report
  • Supports Split Skill Status
  • Supports Split Skill Top Agent
  • Supports Split Skill Top Agent Status
  • Supports VDN Call Profile
  • Supports VDN Report
  • Supports VDN Skill Preference
  • Supports Trunk Group Report
  • Supports Event Count Summary
  • Supports XMPP Connection
  • Supports Splunk data feed
  • Supports RTA data logging to database