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Cassiopeia’s BitMail

BitMail is a Proof-of-Concept- / Design-Study for an Qt E-Mail Client.

POP3 / IMAP / SMTP / P2P E-Mail-Client.

● Qt E-Mail Client.
● Build-in Encryption to secure E-Mails
● Additionally a full decentral P2P Email-Option via the Echo Protocol
● Store Email for Offline-Friends in the P2P Network.
● Chat and Instant Messaging is build in.
● POPTASTIC function (Chat over Email)
● Calendar widget functionality.
● Open Source. BSD License.

“Cassiopeia is the tortoise of Momo, which can communicate through writing on her shell and guides into the future.”
– Wikipedia.

Source from:
https://sf.net/projects/spot-on/files/ &

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Website http://bitmail.sourceforge.net