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Mozilla GPO plugin/module

Firefox, Thunderbird and Pale Moon autoconfig module for manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates from Active Directory Group Policy.

I highly recommend using the Group Policy addon with Firefox ESR releases.
Regular releases may contain changes to which the addon is not adapted.

Since 53 Firefox support only WebExtensions. WebExtensions can’t access to registry and can’t do anything with application preferences. Therefore the **last version** of Firefox in which this **add-on** works – 52 ESR, because of this since 1.0 version its **autoconfig module**.

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Website https://mozillagpo.sourceforge.io/
  • Autoconfig module
  • Set locked preferences from GPO (registry)
  • Set default preferences from GPO (registry)
  • Substituting in the settings of some environment variables
  • Setting the user's profile CA certificates from GPO (registry)
  • Removing the user's profile CA certificates from GPO (registry)
  • One module works in Firefox, Thunderbird and Pale Moon
  • Included ADMX Group Policy template
  • Logging module's action in console.
  • Supports national characters in the string preferences.