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Network IP Tools

Speed Scan is a simple standalone network range scanner that is fairly quick. Will give you MAC ID & Vendor+ Machine Name (if available) + Autoscan feature.
Update: 12-25-2017- Separated Machine Name Lookup event form MAC Vendor lookup.

Network IP Tools NEW Version 12-25-2017
Separated Machine Name Lookup event form MAC Vendor lookup.

Kill Switch- 12-25-2017- 2 NEW versions added. Added OpenVPN Security feature. Must run as administrator.

Plain Wrap versions available for both apps.

Network IP Tools:
Portable- No install-
Internal Port Scanner
Scans IP Range
Ping test- can be used for internal or external IP’s
Trace Route tool
Retrieves TCP Socket Connections (Local/Remote IP’s & Ports- etc.)

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Website https://network-ip-tools.sourceforge.io