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Beautifully Render* your Graphic3D and Shown or Manipulate right in the Front End (without Export to, ie 3DStudio Art Renderer, et al).

For use with Mathematica 4.0 – 11.0. Makes file.ray or .pov that will look much like image in notebook except rendered.

Works easily/automatically with many Graphics3D (and some Graphic) as well. However 11.0 is too big to comment on: many will work many not. Has many options to fix renders that aren’t so auto.

Now very portable (Apple, Microsoft, Linux) supported (given rayshade or povray binary download or compiled). No OS scripting needed.

* raytracing makes more realistic images than GL/CL/Cuda (are best for game, geo/mapping, accelerated) but is slower.

POVRay is supported about as well.

For a .gif animation see:


see also:



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Website https://rayshade-math.sourceforge.io/
  • Beautifully render you Graphic3D without Export[] to (ex. 3Dstudio, et al)
  • RayView, RayPreView, RayWatch, Manipulate (into front-end)
  • Windows 10 supported - unix not used or required
  • Lines, Textures, Raster, Points, Polygons, see dl page README for the list
  • RGBcolor, Opacity, EdgeForm, VertextNormals. Lights, much more
  • Graphics[] 2D support (far from complete, 2D shown in 3D)
  • Text[] works like Mathematica's Plot3D text (most exporters cannot) (has some caveats)
  • work-sheets and tests to try features without knowing how to use
  • parallel process scene tracing for rayshade automaic - less wait
  • Mathematica's Export[] (in past?) had been "lackluster" and unable to export scenes well (ie, in 4.0, only single primitives could be exported; not a whole Show scene)
  • see https://sourceforge.net/p/rayshade/ for "very portable" src and also binaries (Linux, Apple Sierra)
  • see https://sourceforge.net/p/povray-3-6-1-1/ for "no depends portable source", "no gui/depends" linux binary, also an Apple Sierra binary
  • NEW 11.0.2 quick release adds most all Arrowheads[] ability
  • NEW 11.0.2 quick release adds Rotate[g,{u,v}] and nested translations**
  • ** (usu. handled before Rayshade sees them, but now work and tested some)
  • Upcoming: likely is offset texturing conformal to Mathematica